No enemy turn replays

Hello. After last update I don’t see enemy turn replays in async. It immediately starts my turn, so I can only guess what exactly happened, because when I have 20 games running, I don’t remember how I left each of them…

Hi! We recently got a bug fixes update. Everytime theres a update the replays from old versions gets deleted. Thats why you can’t see those previous replays.

Well I’m not talking about finished battles, but those still running in async. When I returned, because it was my turn, the game didn’t replay the enemy turn, so I wasn’t able to see what they did, just the result.
But it appears it only happened with battles started before update…
Seems to be working now, but this should be fixed somehow. I’ve noticed people mention the same problem with older updates. I assume that my enemies did their turns before update, so I still should be able to see what happened and how. It’s still just a replay of one turn.

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