Turns not showing after latest update

Username: LuckyBones
Platform: iPhone 11, iOS 15.6

Bug Description: After updating the game, entered to play a turn in async mode, but the adversary turn didn’t show. I Have experienced this regulary with the first rival turns, but this is the first time that happened on turn 3.

It might be a change in design, but it wasn’t mentioned in the notes, and i personally liked seen the enemy turn.

Hey there!

Were these matches initiated before the update released or after?
If they were on the previous version, that likely may contribute to not being able to see the moves.


They are from before the update.
It’s a shame that there is nothing to do about it, but thank you for replying!

Appreciate it.

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You are very welcome!

If any of your newer matches show the same result, please don’t hesitate to report back. :slight_smile:

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