Per-map win/loss stats

I’d kind of love to be able to see my stats broken down by map. I know for sure I do better on some maps than others. It’d be fun to be able to quantify that, even with just a basic subset of the complete stats.


Thats actually a great idea. They have to put that into the game. Theres no questioning it.

That definitely sounds like it’d be a useful and neat feature to have.
Do you have any examples of games that have similar features?

I’m afraid not! Just something that occurred to me as I was looking at my stats.

Thanks for submitting your suggestion/s ! We love knowing our playerbase’s recommendations in improving the game, but do note that not all suggestions could make it into the game as it depends on how feasible it is to include in the game, and if the team thinks your suggestion is good it could potentially take a while to see it in the game.

Anyway, I have added your suggestion/s in my monthly Community Suggestions report! :slight_smile: