Phobie idea: Swampy (trust me on the name please)

Dont worry about the bugs, most of them dont bite… i think
Keys: 3
Rarity: uncommon
Race: dimensional
Hp: 1000
Dmg: 300
Movement: 2 walking
Atk range: 2 single target
Passive ability: splish splash
For every 2 turns hes on the map, he will spread mud
Mud aoe range: 2
Active ability: Fling!
He can choose a tile that will be covered in mud, remember, only 1 tile, its not much, but it can be consistent
Ability cooldown: 1
Mud range: 2 lobbing

I really like how this one turned out


It’s areally good idea, I especially like the designe

Thank you:), i was thinking mud is not getting much attention lately, and then i thought “mud, possessed rock”
But my initial thought was to make a robot that spews mud around itself in a radius of 3 and the cooldown is 2, but i thought that was less useful

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