Phobies Design Tier list (very outdated)

Had some fun making this, All based on some criteria:

-How cool or unique or creative is the Design
-How cool are the animations
-Does the animation hold true to the design?

And most importantly my own psyche, all subject to change of course.

Show me some of yours too!

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Here is mine. Feel free to ask me if you have a disagreement or just want to know why I arranged them like that.

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I can see where youre coming from for most of these but i just cannot see how wolly bully, furkin and ginsting are in bad tier, wolly bully has one of the most unique designs i have ever seen in a video game period the execution on the concept is done well, similarly with ginsting. And furkin is just pure charm to me, great animations, good twisting of the leperchuan and just an overall joy to see in combat. I have similar thoughts about doughzer and leshy as i have about furkin just an overall well executed concept and well…maybe a pinch of bias for doughzer as his skill animation is a bit lackluster. And about moley and misan, both in my based tier so cant really say anything there, i would like to hear your thoughts though, one extra criteria i missed was personality, which is why barzilla, misanthrope, tickles, sparky and furkin are so high on my list. Very much agree with your placement of razor and batula though.

Okay, so here are the explanations:

-Moley Bully: I don’t like its comically large mouth and plain design.
-Furkin Leepricarn: Some creepy old guy is living in my cauldron and I don’t like it. Plus it makes an annoying creaking sound when it walks (At least I remember like that).
-Ginsting: I like the design but the color palette is what I don’t like. Because the Hematic version is something I consider good.
-Doughzer: That obese thing with that stupid childish smile, yet so OP… Just makes me go :face_vomiting:

Ah ok lol, i see your rankings are based alot on your prefernces understandable, also doughzer is not op i actually think he is on the weaker end of 8 keys.

Well it got high damage, high hp and makes phobies unable to move. Stupid Doughzer.