Favourite Phobie Design?

Not best strategy-wise just design.
For me it’s Smiley.

Sparky. Man, those animations…

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Rocket man is the best

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Yeah Rocketman is also cool. I love that goofy ahh walking animation.

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Probably Blinky (think I’ve also said this before, it’s attack animation is awesome), also really like Fleshcrawler (kind of same theme of being a bit grotesque, also very cool animations).
Wish both of them were better… :sweat_smile:

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Goofy ah walk
(Insert Cartoon sound effects)


Moley bully (based as hell)


For me its Thunder rocks the animation is great but hes only good against mechanicals

Thunder rocks is underrated as hell his walking animation is godly, the screenshake makes him look so menacing!

I really like Mildred, and Bluelien. For mildred… Well… cats … no more need to explain. And Bluelien is Just awesome, I love the attack animation where it uses a tractor beam and smashes the opponents phobies back down to the ground. :smiley:

For me I like most of it, especially the ultra rare ones. But the fire ant one is great, along with rocketman, werewolf, snowball, brony and puff.

It’s also funny that he doesn’t move his body and he has to do it with his tentacles.