[Youtube] How to start playing Phobies & How to use your starting Phobies. (and more)

Hello! - Just wanted to share that I recently did some video’s on what to do when you start your phobies account and how to use your starting lineup (the ones you get for free).
This is the starting account I would recommend (if you get the other one with Staremaster and Fishtank I would re-roll the account):

That said you shouldn’t re-roll if you’ve already played with the other one for a while and gotten some high quality phobies (obviously). :wink:

How to start playing Phobies video: In this I talk about your starting pack, what to buy in the store (tear and coffee), rarity vs power level, leveling phobies in your collection and a short bit on gameplay. Link: @ttps://youtu.be/l73j5iTOIvk (replace @ with h)

How to use your starting phobies video: In this I go more into depth on how to use your starting rooster as I play a game against my own account (using level 1’s). Link: @ttps://youtu.be/wqU8NKw6eDU (replace @ with h)

I also did some other videos such as a bunch of arena games on my main account, a long video on openers for all of the maps, top 10 best phobies, a series called ‘‘Road to SOAF’’ where I create a new account and climb to Sum of All Fears with it and more.

Recently started a unit overview series too - Ginsting video as a example: @ttps://youtu.be/CfskGPcWqEg (replace the @ with h)

Channel: @ttps://www.youtube.com/@ManInYellowPhobies/videos (replace the first @ with h)
I’m new to this stuff so I’m aware that it’s not all amazing content, but would appreciate any feedback nonetheless. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m also open to any suggestions for video’s / content if there’s something you’d like to see. :sweat_smile:


You are good at this, thanks for the videos
I watched :grin: