Problem with TapJoy

I completed a task for 449 coffee this morning and TapJoy said I would receive my award in an hour or something. It’s been hours and I still haven’t received it.

You’ll most likely have to contact tapjoy as they are the ones that are giving you the reward for completing their task. It would probably be best to pursue them with a ticket or contact the support to be better assisted in your situation

How do I contact them?

My guess would be to contact them through the app that you were to receive your rewards on. Otherwise I’m not to sure on how else to contact them since I don’t directly use any third party offers myself.

Yup, @SaTaNiStIc you have to contact them about the issue.

Heres a guide to do it

This is how you can check the status of the offer

And here you can see how to report a missing reward.

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I did a goal with Tapjoy, playing a game, literally spending a lot of time to get it, only to not receive the reward. When I contacted Tapjoy, they refused to give me my reward because of a long explanation of what I did wrong, which didn’t make sense to me. No matter how I argued, according to them I broke some sort of ridiculous rule. These guys are very stingy with their rewards. They’ve got rules that they do not disclose, anf if you don’t follow them, you wasted your time.