Rhyming Game

This game is simple. Each forum member posts a word or a whole phrase that rhymes with the one posted above him/her. I will start!



Flute. Fun!

Fun? more like none.

Gone… ohhh no! How about soon?

Soon… Yeah something amazing is going to happen, on the other hand how about you give me a spoon

moon is very very cool

Moon? Would that be you Jimp? Though lets not forget the harpoon

Harpoon? I have never seen one of those in a cartoon

Come on now, never in a cartoon? How about a baboon?

Baboon? I eat those at noon

I slept till noon, now I have to leave soon

Prune juice is a drink I want to try.

I don’t wanna try, but who am I to pry

Prune juice? That sounds kinda dry…

That’s because it’s been sucked by a fly

Then it flew into the sky

Why is the topic here so weird