Rounds not playing on battle logs

This is a bug I have been seeing for a long time. At first, it only didn’t show the first round, and loaded extra keys to the second player. Then it became normal after the second round. But now, it doesn’t show half of the battle log.

Hey there! Are you able to provide a screenshot or a clip if possible so we can see which area is causing trouble?

How can I send the video? Because the only formats that can be sent through this forum are PNG, JPG and GIF.

No worries at all!
Please email us at with your video and we can take a look into the issue.

You should be able to upload a video there :slight_smile:

Its a replay bug. It just shows extra keys for first turn of person going second. And also replay starts with skipped first turn of first player.

The problem got fixed.

Very happy to hear! :slight_smile:

Since this issue is now fixed I am closing this thread now. :slight_smile:

Do feel free to contact us again at should you need assistance in the future.