Rounds not playing on battle logs 2

A few days ago, I talked about rounds weren’t playing on battle logs, then it got fixed. However, this was temporary and it started again.

Perhaps they were rounds before the 1.4 release?

No, it still continues. Besides, you can’t watch battle logs that you played before the current version. So it’s impossible for it to be an old match.

Hey @SaTaNiStIc in this case, kindly send us an email regarding this issue at so we could get more information from you.

I sent it. Check the e-mail from

Hey there!

I am searching for your email but for some reason I don’t see one from that email in our inbox.
Could you check your sent folder to confirm that the email address was spelled correctly or let us know which time it was sent at?

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Heya @SaTaNiStIc ! I just want to confirm that we already received your email with the footage. Thank you! We shall look into this now. :slight_smile: