Some new ability ideas

One thing I noticed during my battles is that battles revolve too much around careful placement of ranged units and zone control. It’s a good thing to have this type of gameplay, but most of my games turns into this standoff scenario where we do just one move and one of the hearts take 200 damage. It all boils down to “control one more capture point than your opponent,and then put ranged units in it’s range and wait until your opponent stands in it”. It takes days to solve such games. I think it would be cool being able to have different approaches to battle, and that can be solved by having more craeture types and abilities and also distributing these to some of the monsters who currently have no abilities. I’ll give some ability ideas please share your thoughts.

Panic Inducing (passive): When this monster attacks the heart,it deals bonus damage to it depending on how many capture points you control. (if panic points deal 200 damage at the end of turn and you have 2 of them,monster deals 400 damage with each of it’s strikes when targeting the heart)

  • I think this opens up a more aggro oriented rush style where you try to capture points and then kill the heart. And since it doesn’t really change the monster’s strenth level against other monsters, it can be safely given to monsters like Razormouth or Eternal Knight

Shielded (passive): Monster takes X amount of reduced damage from ranged attacks.

  • I think ranged monsters are a bit too strong considering most of them either do too much damage or are too tanky. Worst part is they retain the same power in melee range and hit twice,and most of them have additional abilities like aoe damage or lifesteal. Rather than drastically changing how ranged monsters play, we can introduce this ability to some monsters like Fetch and Cowbell so we have some monsters that can be an actual threat against ranged creatures.

Evasion (active, 3 turn cd): When activated,monster will completely negate the next attack done to it. After evasion procs,the ability goes into cooldown.


Hi-Five already has that first ability you spoke about. Only his ability does 400 extra damage every time you use him to hit the heart no matter what. The ability is called Heart Attack.