New Phobie/Ability Idea: Warhead

This suggestion is based off an identified need for more offensive phobie abilities to break stalemates. Too often I’ve seen cases where matches end up with a series of phobies on either side of lava tiles, waiting for turns with no real progress, waiting for the less patient player to make a move.

The goal of Warhead is to be an offensive focused stalemate breaker phobie, that provides incentives to be proactive. In many ways this is similar to jarhead, but even safer at the cost of less direct pressure.

3 cost
2 move
1 Range
400 hp
400 Attack

Ability: Missile
4 range
2 cooldown
500 Attack
Hits target hex at the end of their next turn, damaging the unit on the hex at that time. Both you and your opponent can see where the missile will hit.

The purpose of the missile ability is to disrupt the opponent’s formation by making it difficult to control a specific hex, providing more opportunities to be proactive. The opponent has to decide between taking significant damage or altering their positions for a single turn.

I believe this ability specifically would be good for phobies, because it works similar to traps, but is significantly more proactive, which allows it to be used more offensively. Just like traps, there can be multiple Warhead ‘variants’ (poison, fire, AoE).

I dont care much about visuals, but I imagine it would look like an upright 4-finned missile with the fins as feet. It would have a jagged teeth mouth near the top of the head, similar to the spitfire airplane. Maybe it hops around, looking off balance like it is about to fall and explode.