Steam Cloud Issue?

Saw Phobies on Steam and decided to try it out. Played for 2 hrs, had a good time. Queued a bunch of quickplay games before I went to bed, woke up and my turns were there just fine. But after the most recent update, every time I open the game I get this screen.

Ever since this started near the beginning of today none of my quickplay games have shifted to my turn. Started new ones and this issue persisted. I can play challenges/arena fine which confuses me. Anyone know what the issue is?

Update: Since I made this thread, I have gotten turns from existing quickplay matches, so it was probably just the issue of my opponent taking a long time. However that Steam Cloud notification still pops up every time I launch.

Have you tried to uninstall/reinstall and see if it still pops up?
Either that or try force closing steam + phobies in your task manager?