Subscription payment taken twice

I have paid for the monthly subscription and after paiment i have cancelled my subscription and now i found out that it just had the money taken again from my bank automatically without it being in Active in my subscription box the month that i already bought is still 2 weeks away from being renewed and i saw when will my subscription ends and it stills the old date from the first payment

Hi @BaNnana-TJ.

Can you please open a ticket in our discord server ( at the #request-support channel? So we can ask you some things and investigate this issue futher.

Just downloaded discord and joined the discord server but dunnu how to open ticket

Click on ‘‘Request Support’’.

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Ive made an open ticket but it didn’t allow me to write anything inside the ticket neither did anyone reply to it

Hey there!
I see your ticket on Discord and will be happy to continue support there.
I will be on the lookout for a response for one of our moderators inquiries!

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