[Suggestion] - New Game Mode (Fair Competitive Matches)

As a long-time player of Phobies, I’ve recently experienced a sharp decline in enjoyment due to the current matchmaking system. Currently, matches often result in either facing opponents with significantly lower levels, offering them little chance of victory, or competing against the top 5 players with nearly maxed-out accounts. This disparity detracts from the strategic essence of the game.

I propose introducing a new game mode that aligns more with the spirit of strategy games. In this mode, both players would compete with an equal number of Phobies, each at the same level. This concept mirrors Chess, where players start with the same pieces, each with equal power. Such a mode would shift the focus from a “pay to win” or longevity-based game to one centered purely on strategic skills.

This fair and competitive mode would provide a more accurate measure of a player’s skill, independent of their time or financial investment in the game. Moreover, the ranking system in this mode would reflect players’ abilities under equal conditions, truly identifying the best strategists.

Importantly, this mode would not undermine the game’s profitability or store sales. Rather, it could enhance the game’s online presence and pave the way for real competitions, focusing on skill improvement and fair play. This mode might even be reserved for players who have achieved the “Sum Of All Fears” rank, adding an element of prestige and aspiration.

Implementing this mode would also enable the hosting of annual or seasonal championships under equitable conditions, further enhancing the game’s appeal and competitive integrity.

Without such a mode, players often feel that match outcomes are heavily influenced by disparities in Phobies’ levels or availability, rather than pure strategy. This can lead to a lack of motivation and a diminished sense of fair competition.

I hope you will consider this suggestion, as I believe it would greatly enrich the Phobies gaming experience. Thank you for your attention.


I’d be really happy to see such a gamemode!

It wouldn’t even have to be eligible for rewards, it would just need a separate leaderboard and that’s all.

Having all phobies set to level 1 or 30 seems like a minimum for fair matches. Ideally, both players should also have the same options when it comes to which phobies they can play but I might be asking for too much.

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I agree but just only it Can be accepter in lower tank, cause only pros Can achieve this level,and payer to won players too,so maybe,you can’t win anything by playing this mode on lower ranks but when you go to a upper tank you win rank points like a normal game in async