New game modes?

I like the style of the game and the sheer amount of cool Phobies there are. It would be cool to add different game modes, or other more rewarding ways to play. Clans/alliances maybe? 2v2 battles? There has to be more to do then just arena and start. Maybe fuse Phobies, or combine multiples of the same them for new abilities? There’s a lot of ways to expand, I can just see this game becoming a grind because it’s same old battles with little variety.

New Challenge mode: “Turn Trial” (Minefield)
New Maps: Bridge Like Obstacles
Goal: Try to reach the end of each bridge/checkpoint to win and proceed within a certain amount of moves
Within each checkpoint or bridge randomly generated obstacles (invisible traps (fire,poison,ice, etc.), fire tiles, healing tiles, structures, pits, etc) - possibly phobies you have to eliminate to progress
Limited to a selection of phobies to get across
PVP: randomly generated obstacle mode for each map

New Challenge mode: “Waves”
New Maps: Bridge like Defense
Goal: Prevent phobies from eliminating your BOSS/Doughzer. Rewards based on the length of waves (new leaderboard)
BOSS/Doughzer is held behind a line of healing tiles. Waves of phobies continue to spawn each turn growing tougher. Player must defend the line (BOSS/Doughzer) from being killed. If the phobies kill all your defenders or BOSS that player loses. Defender phobies are limited according to the waves
PVP: “Brawl of War” (Tug of War like mode)
no key cost - pull one/two phobies from each key class, starting from level-one-key-phobies to 9-key-phobies each turn/every other turn (balanced according to the progression meaning who starts first and second or what not) --can be played with no capture point tiles (Kill mode) or with capture points
–mode is essentially to build strong combo/counter teams (all phobies could be maxed leveled)

Other mentions to new modes or challenges:
Story Mode
High vs Low Health
Mirror Mode
*Offense and Defense: preventing offensive player from capturing all capture points. Each versuses is best out of 3 or 5 and each match both players change sides (wat i think of is like a boxing match
2vs2 would be dope but i wonder if it would work

Each new mode/challenge has the potenial of new maps and leaderboards

Make tougher or more creative ai please. practice mode would be more beneficial or just add an exibition mode (for pvp) when players dont want to play for win percentage – add arena to frenemies

Might be cool to have like a phobies pet mode. Doesnt have to be complicated. Could be more as an avatar?
Like at the start of pokemon games the player has an option to choose one of the 3 pokemon. In phobies, could be as many as they want to put into the game with a possible index (but seperate from the one they already have — index specifically for this “mode”).
New phobies - Trying to collect them all
Leveling them to evolve into a stronger and slightly different looking phobie
Using them in game to either level up, beat challenges, unlock more features, etc.
Depending on the chosen or selected phobie pet grants certain bonuses – less dmg taken from…, power increase with…, extra movement with certain phobies…, etc.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the game! We love knowing what the community thinks as we value our players’ feedback!

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