Surrendering a long game should count toward weekly/season rewards

After a long, thoughtful, turtley game against a 3174 elo player, I had been outmanuevered into a series of concessions from which it was clear I would never recover. I surrendered on turn 27, after investing several hours of my life into the game.

It didn’t count toward my weekly/seasonal games.

This feels really bad.

I want to respect an opponent like this by admitting when I’ve lost. I don’t want to look disrespectful or silly by making stupid moves to hurry the end, and I don’t want to spend hours carefully losing.

After a certain point (high turn count OR all keys played OR heart hp below a certain %) you should be allowed to surrender a game and still have it count toward weekly/monthly games played. As it is, hitting those goals is exhausting and unfun.

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Hey, Lasercatte!

I agree with your statement about long games counting towards the weekly/monthly played games goals. Unfortunately, it would be hard to implement this without having players abuse it. Personally, I believe that this could be made possible after a certain period of time instead of number of turns. In addition, I think they should also give rewards (in arena, they already do in async). For example, after 1 hour played, games will count towards your weekly/monthly goals and will give the amount of tears, XP and beans that you accumulated, regardless of turns.

Even this could be abusable, but it’s clearly much less efficient than just playing a normal game, since it takes 3 to 4 times longer than an average game to get those rewards. And I loved your concern about good sportsmanship; surrendering is surely a good way to pay respects to your opponent! If you haven’t already, you can suggest this in the Discord server for a higher chance to get seen.