Just let us concede

When I surrender even clearly lost matches it doesn’t count as a played game towards weekly / seasonal progress and I get no rewards either. Being forced to go through the motions in a hopeless situation is such a drag though. It can get even worse because some players are childish and refuse to close out the game when they’re in an overwhelmingly winning position (trying to rub it in I’m guessing).

I realize that you’re afraid a “feature” like conceding might get exploited for quick xp, but with a reasonable mininum of moves played (20 or so) in async and time played in arena (like 15 minutes) this shouldn’t become a problem i think.


A good option for this would be a set minimum of 15 moves played to concede. Or judge based on your heart ho percentage/amount of remaining keys based on the map. Give a prompt when conceding will give no reward and when a loss is obvious allow minimum reward.

If match making is effective, the XP explode won’t happened.
Because player skill won’t so different to Concede too much

I get your point but…don’t you take the opportunity in “nearly won” battles to do difficult missions? If conceding is allowed, then many missions with Phobies that normally are not used will be more difficult.

Very much agree with a surrender option but still get rewards being available after some minimum number of turns, like 10 of your turns for small maps and 15 or so for large.

I would think it very unlikely that people will go for that number of rounds and immediately concede just to get, for example, 4 games in each day.

For missions, I may just go into an arena game and intentionally forgo strats just to try and clear the quests. Again, would make a surrender option great because I don’t want to feel the need to switch a strat mid-game because the daily quests reset.

many players conduct contractual fights to complete the mission almost every day, admins, as I understand it, allow such contractual fights