Symphony of the Undead Event

As Conductor begins his ominous overture, it’s time for your favorite Undead Phobies to rise… introducing our morbidly massive new event, the Symphony of the Undead!

It’s our biggest event to date, featuring more milestones and double the rewards - VIP Event Pass holders will really reap the benefits of this haunting happening! And remember, Event Pass holders also earn a Grand Prize at the end of the event - the more tickets you’ve earned by completing milestones, the better your odds of scaring up the best reward!

Earn points by spawning Undead, destroying Dimensionals, and inflicting damage with Undead Phobies. Bonus points will be awarded to VIPs for winning matches.

Our creepy concert has only just started, but the show will end before you know it. Earn your points and complete your milestones before time is up!

Start Date: Oct. 5th, 3 pm PDT
End Date: Nov. 3rd, 10 am PDT