Release 1.8

When the night is dark, nightmares grow in the moonlight, and never more than during this very special season. Halloween is your Phobies’ favorite time of year, and it’s arrived once again!

Take your seat for our biggest show yet, as the curtain is about to rise on the Symphony of the Undead!

On with the show:



  • 9 new Phobies have crept through the cemetery gates, featuring three unique new abilities and some deadly spins on old favorites:
    • Mummy wraps up foes it defeats and converts them into Mini-Me minions! Use these fiendish new friends to turn the tide of battle in your favor.
      • For a limited time, Mummy will exclusively be available in the Mummy’s Marvelous Medley special offer.
      • Players will be able to acquire this new Phobie in card packs once the offer expires.
    • Be a Maestro and conduct your own symphony of the dead with the Conductor, raising the leeching rate of all your undead.
    • Devour for Power! Prepare for a game-changer with Jaws – the all new Phobie that feeds on friendly units to fuel its damage.
    • Goon is a terror on ice! This durable enforcer has a wicked Slapshot that’ll tear through opponents in a direct line.
    • The witching hour has begun, and the Tooth Fairy has come to collect!
    • Is there a doctor in the house? Keep them away from Badside Manners!
    • Snappy can take a beating while dishing out ranged damage.
    • Giggles - there’s always room for another clown!
    • Baaaad Sheep will help keep those undead at bay, with increased poison damage that can hit foes up to two tiles away!


  • 4 new Phobie portraits are available in Vendy’s shop:
    • Lila , Blue, Kaboom, and Bloat may now be purchased.
  • For a limited time, 2 new Phobie portraits can be obtained as Jack rewards:
    • Be on the hunt for Jaws and Conductor!
    • Players can potentially grab these rewards between Oct. 3rd and Nov. 3rd.
    • Both portraits will be available for purchase in Vendy’s shop once the Jack offer expires.


  • Seven new maps will enter the map rotation beginning this week.
  • These new maps introduce a new tile type, Conveyor Belts. Any Phobies that end their turn standing on one of these tiles will be shifted one tile in the direction indicated by the arrows.
  • These new maps also introduce a new theme, Cemetery. Fight your foes in the moonlight, under the shadow of imposing gates.
  • The new maps include:
    • Morbidity
    • Dearly Departed
    • Coime to Me
    • Phasmophobia
    • Transaction Declined
  • Two new community-created maps have also been included; congratulations to our winners!
    • Hall of Mirrors (submitted by Rosaldo as “Nightmaritimal”)
    • Rise to Stardom (submitted by Beanofevil)


  • Players may now watch a video ad in exchange for a free quest re-roll, once their standard re-roll allowance has been expended.
  • Players may do this up to five (5) times per day.


  • Players may now receive a timed reward of five (5) Coffee by tapping the “Watch Ad” panel in the Coffee section of the store.
  • Players may receive this reward every two (2) hours, up to a maximum of five (5) times per day.
  • Note: a known issue exists in which players will not always see the reward presentation for their Coffee. This Coffee is still added to the player’s total and only the visual presentation is affected. We plan to address this issue in a subsequent release.

Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue that could allow a player to track the health bar position of an opponent’s invisible Phobie if they used very specific timing.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from being taken to the Quest screen if a quest was completed during their most recent turn.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed traps to continue to trigger if they were placed under mud.


  • Fixed some incorrect Event task descriptions in non-English languages.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause Radihater’s passive attack to trigger if Radihater was killed on the same turn in which it would occur.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Edgar Allen’s buff to cancel out Ogre’s buff. While buff effects typically do not stack, this was an unintended consequence of that “rule”.
  • Fixed some visual noise from Tooth Fairy’s wings that was visible if Tooth Fairy was frozen.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash if a Phobie was killed by lava while on fire; the fire status effect would still attempt to apply damage to a dead Phobie.


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the League Advancement presentation from appearing when players graduated to a new league.
  • Updated the messaging surrounding arena spectating to better communicate the nature of an error a player would encounter.

Special Offers

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from seeing new offers if they had capped out an offer during a previous offer period.


  • Fixed some potential causes of crashes and network desyncs.

Happy battling,

The Phobies Team