Terrifying offer Bug

I bought a terrifying offer today, and didn’t get neither coffee nor pack. After waiting a few minutes I thought I’d buy it again and maybe it’ll go through, but no. I paid twice and didn’t get nothing.

Hey there!

Could you please submit a ticket over on our discord at discord.gg/phobiesgame under #request-support?

We’ll need details like your account name, device/OS, date when you made the purchase and screenshots of your receipt with the tracking ID.

Please do not share that information here. :slight_smile: If you do not have access to discord, you may email our team at community@smokingguninc.com and our support team will be able to investigate this for you.

We would recommend seeing if the payment has gone through on your payment methods side or see if it’s still in a pending status. We would also recommend reaching out to the support team of the platform in which you made the purchase on. ( Steam, Android, iOS support teams. )