The Undead Cousins Lore?

Grave Digger, Hi-Five, and Chuck are clearly related, right? I wanna know more about this weird family!

Hi-five and Chuck indeed. but I don’t think Grave Digger is that much like them.

He’s the punky little brother with long hair and a spine mohawk!

If Grave Digger is a part of the family (But I don’t think he is) then Eratic should be too. His muscular body is quite similar to Grave Digger.

There is also one more family. The Booms:

Boom: little brother
Kerbloom: middle brother
Kaboom: big brother
Motherload: mother

And here’s a family photo:
Screenshot 2022-06-21 225424

100% on board with that.

But this isn’t the completed family. There were actually hundreds of children but they all died just after birth. Now there’s only 3 of them.

But can someone please explain me how can motherload be pregnant to dozens of children at the same time, and just in a few minutes.

Technology, my dude.

look at these twins.

But how and where does she find this much resources to make dozens of booms?

I love the theories everyone is coming up with about the Phobies hahaha.