This will probably be my best planned game... ever

Because learning from my previous experineces with tanks, i decided to use a bunch of them, which included the speedolas, which im now thinking could be used well

And i needed to bring along TWO healers, dermic and clinico, because of our flying friend here (later including frosty)

And then he froze my speedolas cuz frosty got mad that i killed his weaker twin, and i KNEW he was gonna try and kill my red speedie with that dumb electricat (i didnt wanna change the pic to show the cat because it looks too epic)

So i strangled it to death and didnt give it a chance to breath, and i brought the barneysaurus which i was already thinking of bringing even without the iceness, but i got blue speedue out of the ice first

And then he tried to heart rush me and put blinky very close to that heart of mine

So i used snowball to get red speedie out and uppercut frosty out of existence, brought barney to hit the birdie for more efficency, and blocked blinky so that he doesnt get on that damn building next to my heart

But i forgot to put something tankier on the panic points and i thought it was the end for me, but he decided to attack my BLUE SPEEDIE with the birdie and blinky

So instinctually i got rid of everything close to my heart and the next round got rid of blinky and i WON

also oh my gad, oh my gad, oh my gad, im so close to da baby i can feel its baby fingers

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About the last one: what?

Googoo gaga biatch, i went insane

say it to 911

Too late

snatch and runs away

You are on the news

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