Tooth fairy

When attacking heart directly with tooth fairy, there’s a chance for the Panic point to activate (just visually, doesn’t actually activate)

Hey there. Are you able to provide any screenshots or clips for us to share with the team?

lemme get one, it might take a lil bit cause my phone dead

No worries at all! Thank you! That would be most helpful.

Ive tried to recreate it but it wont work, but i had erratic out and it made an electrical effect instead

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Tooth fairy is quite a buggy one ngl

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No worries at all! If it does happen again, please let us know! I’ll keep an eye out here. :slight_smile:
If you can get a clip via replay and send it to that would be fantastic!

Thank you!


I’ll make sure to send it if i can recreate it

Found out how to recreate it, all you have to do is attack the heart, it can only happen once per turn. Even if you undo it, it cannot be recreated, you have to wait until next turn. This also happens when you attack with uni-corn.
heres a pic, this is te best one I got. Tooth fairy is on the right of the heart