Bug with uni corn trap? (Uneeded extras in the end)

(On android)

So i put my razor mouth where i put my trap thinking he put his trap there

And he did, my trap triggerred, but i also lost my razor mouth??? Shouldnt it deal no damage if theres two traps on the same tile???

Uneeded extra incoming:
Oooooo look pretty honey bear from 2 terriffying packs yaaaaaay

If what happened is what i think happened then its intended.
When you place a trap on another trap it causes the trap to detonate, not just disappear so when you detonated the trap with your trap, it killed the razor mouth that you placed in it.

Wait but… what would happen if for example i put a lila trap and a poison ivy trap ontop, and on the traps there was like a cerberus, which one would trigger on it

It doesnt depend on the trap, it depends on the players who own each of the things involved. If you place a trap on the enemy trap, that enemy trap will detonate and yours wont. If your cerberus steps on a lila trap, that lila trap will activate even if you put your own ivy trap on that turn. Your ivy trap will do nothing cause you cant detonate your own traps on your own units.

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Damn that makes me sad knowing that