Uneasy pack opening

Lets see

Okay… I dont have jackalope king so this doesnt help

No new phobie😔

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Let me give you a tip: NEVER, EVER open a uneasy pack, it has an extremely small chance of a new phobie. Frightening pack are okay, but not good. Your best option here is the scary pack, has the biggest chance of getting a new phobie, i got like 5-8 maybe just from the scary packs

uneasy pack are good for people that are new at the game since there cheap but then you should start doing scary packs once you start getting farther in the game

Thanks for the advice, I have gotten lucky with some uneasy packs, so I started opening more.

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Scary packs have much higher ratio of exp/tears in comparison with uneasy and frightening packs, it’s always better to open them

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