Ima give yall some info about the tear packs

First, NEVER, and i mean NEVER EVER buy the uneasy pack, it gives you more cards, but i opened at least 20 of those and only got tiny tim

The scary packs are where its at, it costs the most, but for a reason, i got like 5 or 6 new phobies from about 7 or 9 packs of them (cottontale, goon, doctor dermic, gargles, badside manners and heavo)

And Lastly the frightening packs, didnt get too many of them but i still didnt get much from those ones, so from my experince, i wouldnt go for them aswell

This is just what i think is best to obtain, and i think you should save up some tears


yeah the best one is always the expensive one imo

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Interesting post. Although I have to disagree on the uneasy packs. I haven’t been counting, but most of my Phobies came from uneasy packs, and I know that more than 50% of the uneasy packs i’ve opened have given me a new Phobie. This is consistent for all of my accounts. So I believe that you just got really unlucky with your uneasies.

I recommend that you buy a lot of uneasies at the beginning to get a lot of common phobies, then later on you can save up and spend your tears on the scary pack to get the rarer ones. I do agree that there is no good reason to touch the blue one.

Another thing I want to add is that for your first opening if each pack, you are guaranteed a new phobie. It goes as follows:

Uneasy pack - Common or higher
Frightening pack - Uncommon or higher
Scary pack - Rare or higher

It is fine if you want to buy one of each pack to get the guaranteed Phobies, but after that I would strongly advise that you only buy uneasies to build your collection. Then later on open the scaries.

Also, if you already have an established collection. I would advise that you DO NOT BUY UNEASY PACKS. This is just am armchair, finger twiddling theory, but I believe that the more Phobies you have, the lower the chance to obtain a new Phobie becomes.

Great theory, i do have about 40 something phobies now so that may be the case, so maybe you should buy uneasy packs in the early game, but later on buy the scary packs when you have a bigger deck

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m doing. One of my friends has also done this and has had great sucess.

thanks guys, i really haven’t did the 3k pack, so ig thats why im missing rare phobies. The first time i opened it i got rambolina

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No problem giant mole from nigel and marmalade

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