We need guild/clan/teams

I think guild/team should be implemented in the game soon with some team events etc guilds have always kept games alive and active if you don’t bring guilds to phobies I think it would be a big mistake

I hope we get guilds soon


Hey Voidless! The community has expressed a lot of love and interest towards clans, guilds, and teams. We’ll continue to share community feedback with our team for consideration and review. :slight_smile:


Please I definitely need guilds in this game I’m a fervent player of this game Iv’s had it for like half a year and I’ve even made like 12-13 friends get it and play too but there’s no like clan system that I can unite them all under and motivate them to like keep playing
They play a little bit but then they flake off but if I could get like a guild system in and like yes as others have said like multiple people on one map would be really fun
But also like a tournament style for beans and everything or exp and tears too liek we compete against other guilds In like bracket style fighting
Where your guild could sighn up for the tornament and the guild leader can like sigh up his top five players and they’ll go against another team of 5 and whoever wins the majority of the games gets to move on!
Stuff like that idk I really just wanted to Check In and see how it was going I’ve got like 4 something people really committed who play everyday like me but if I could get guilds I could pull the 6 somethin flakes and pull in another 10 at least!!!