We Really Need Alliances to become part of the game

I can almost speech for all of us ,that we need some way to get more rewards in the game ,packs,coffee,cards to upgrade or even new phobies to beggniners like me , and the current state of the game dosen’t help a lot with that,games like clash royale are equally or even harder to get cards but the alliances helps a lot with the donations of cards and even with alliances wars that gives great prizes , so i think we really need alliances to become part of the game in near future,and sorry for my english ,i’m brazillian…


Good suggestion.
Game devs, take note of this :wink:
Having a “clan” or “alliance” feature where players are permitting to chat, donate, and play with each other would likely improve the player base vastly. My father and I love this game, and trust me, I speak for almost everyone here when I say that adding a feature like this would lead a lot of people to play this game. People would have much more incentive to invite their friends, and I’d even start talking about it at work. Please add this, it would benefit your company greatly. Much more players=more money and fame.

I would call an alliance in this game a “nightmare” since this game is based on phobias

I like this idea.

(Also: a “haunted house” perhaps?)

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