What do you think you're getting from the season pack?

since the season is ending in two days i want to ask you guys to predict what you’re getting from the season pack and if you ask what im getting its a 99.9% chance to get upgrade cards and not the good kind like boss,klepto and guys who are B and up in tier list oh no its going to be CLINICO UPGRADE CARDS WHICH I DON’T WANT HONESTLY BOOM AND BAD SUSHI IS STILL BETTER CLINICO IT CAN’T DO ANYTHING IS DAMAGE IS TRASH ITS HEALING POWER IS TRASH AND ITS HEALTH IS TRASH AND IS A 3 KEYS IF IT WAS A 3 KEY IT WOULD HAVE SOME REDEEMING QUALITY IF ONE OF ITS STATS ARE TRASH BUT NO ITS JUST TRASH. Ok sorry there just needed to let out my anger at clinico because i got clinico upgrade cards last season which almost made me throw my phone also today i got boom upgrade cards yay its trash😤

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I just got alley gator from an uneasy pack lol also I hope your luck comes back for the tear packs :grin:

Maybe I’ll get… idk a phobie that needs 3-4 keys to spawn since I just got the sliver pack I’m just waiting too open it tomorrow

50% yes because you’re still in early game and also have you opened you’re terrifiying pack and tip do the challenges if you don’t know how just go to miss cha’s channel or just search what level you’re stuck at

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I did do challenges I’m stuck at 19 I never opened the terrifying pack

You can get a uncommon if its your first time so try to get to that also just search the level your stuck in there should be some guides

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I guess im getting lucky i literally keep on winning matches and getting new phobies and also i don’t know how but i got wooly bully from a scary pack but idk if he is good but i think he is decent

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I just want a phobie man, literally anything would work out for me, just NOT DAMN UPGRADE CARDS, i recently got slammer head which i quite like, but the number 1 thing i want is HEAVO, THE ONLY COMMON VERSATILE THING I WANT IS HEAVOOOOOOO, or maybeee rockus, but i KNOW I AINT GETTIN NONE OF IT BECAUSE I HAVENT BEEN ACTIVE ENOUGH AND ONLY HAVE THE BRONZE REWARD AND I KNOW IT WILL BE UPGRADE CARDS

Wish you luck bro that you’re going to get a phobie

I just klepto YAY!!!

INHALE so i got enough coffee for a terrifying pack and got the season pack, obviously i got upgrade cards and thought “ok then ima get something from the terrifying pack” but NooOoOoooOoO, the game HATES ME AND GIVES ME UPGRADE CARDS, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY-

That also happend to me it sucks but maybe you can get lucky