Season Rewards Need An Upgrade

So after a month of working to get my rank up to Sum of All Fears, my season scratch was a dupe of Bomangles. While I only made it to a silver pack, duping a common after a month of effort when I’m missing 40 or so phobies just feels extremely underwhelming. I honestly think guaranteeing a new phobie shouldn’t be too much to ask for an end of season pack.


You’re right. After all this hard work, a guarantee of a new Phobie would be good.

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My season reward for Sum of All Fears 2 gold pack was Gargles (arguably the worst uncommon phobie in the game that is a borderline unplayable 4 key) with all bad upgrade cards across the board. I would had honestly preferred Bomangles upgrade cards over Gargles while a majority of others got a UR, rare, useful uncommon, or good upgrade cards.

Gargles can be super fun though. I just want a new phobie out of a pack like that, since you can get upgrade cards from tons of places, but new phobies are a bit harder to get. Even if it guaranteed a new phobie (assuming you didn’t have them all) it would still take years to collect them all through end of season packs.

Gargles is actually very useful. You can grab critical panic points and then petrify. And since he is a flyer and dimensional, when killed, he can pull phobies into the void. In a game, I lost my Cerberus that way.

Hey guys! Thanks for opening this topic up! Keep those feedback and suggestion coming! I will include them in my feedback and suggestions report next month. :slight_smile: