WOO, ray chargels baby

Now sure it doesnt have a lot of hp, but he can help me out with my 2 mech problems(attacking mechs, and having mechs), because i have 4 ELECTRICAL PHOBIES BEFORE CHARGELS, 2 of them are expensive, 1 of them is the worst one, and the last one deals too little normal damage (you can guess which ones if you want)

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I recently got ray chargels, honestly a lil’ too hyped, too little health for a semi-effective mech counter. But Im just rambling, try it for yourself.

So ive been playin with him a lot and honestly, he can be quite a hit or miss type of phobie when with mechs, but ive been playing him smartly and it works out quite well on big maps

id still go with temptress > ray chargels, glass cannon for 5 keys is a gamble

Problem is, i dont have that snake, so ill resort to the horned electric ray

yeah, its just luck that i got them