You know what conclusion i made with my first UR?


Shes so handy when shes on the field, can stop heart rushers sometimes due to the insane amount of dmg, can be a great heart rusher herself, and who doesnt like a yoink, which is incredibly great for pits, the only problem is that shes expensive, but when i have enough and want her on the field, she almost never dissapoints

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I told you, she is by far my most wanted unit, op af.

Eh, my most wanted unit is smiley

I love smiley, but its bad when all they have to do is put one jar cannon and ur screwed.

Yeah but its demonic when paired with an electrical unit because then you basically have control over every phobie race

unless you using ray chargels…

I still think temptresss is worse

temptress has less damage, a smidgen less health, but costs 1 less, if your gonna use ray chargels then tag team with temptress

Well at least chargels flies, temptress’ ability is complete garbage

yet ray chargels doesn’t have an ability. Temptress costs less and has an aoe that shreds mechanicals

If you say “shreds mechs” and mean a 4 key electrical BOOM then sure id say it shreds mechs

all three booms can get 1 shot by any electrical advantage phobie even at lvl 1

Im saying temptresss is the 4 key electrical BOOM, because youre basically sacrificing her to deal moderate dmg to other phobies and MAYBE some strong dmg to mechs

her vs jar cannon tho, it really does carry, people get scared and stop spawning mechs :expressionless:

Hey, frickin bloat would shiver jar cannons timbers

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bloat is goofy, i love em so much

It tells me that your replying

I admit, he is a funny lil fella, but its weird that it has MORE HP THAN TEMPTRESSS

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if you look under the last message sent, it tells me that ur responding, thats neat

Yea i just edited my last comment