[ 105.250] BattleGameInteractor -- Clearing Queue [ 105.250] BattleGameInteractor -- Posting Undo [ 105.340] BattlePlayState::Sim_UndoBattleCommand -- Undoing [ 106.683] BattleGameInteractor -- Posting MoveCommand from unit sim/objtemplates/monsters/angry

My user name in phobies is kurosame i cant send the turn and that dont let me play another matches

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Hey @Kurosame !

We’re sorry you’re experiencing this issue but can you please clarify a bit further what exactly is happening?

Also, just wondering were you playing in Async Mode and using the Werewolf Phobie when this happened?

When i click send the turn the error i send show up, i dont have werewolf but the play was against one , i dont want let other matches unfinished so i surrender that game and keep playing

Sorry for the trouble, Kurosame.

Our team is currently aware of this issue and our team is already investigating this now, but in the mean time kindly surrender the game to get unblocked .