Internal server error (Furkin, attractor, werewolf — tank, heavo, heavo 2.0, gravedigger,)

Username: Undercooked
Platform: iOS, shared account with PC but haven’t checked that yet
I’ve been having issues with one game in particular. Before this was fine, but whenever I end my turn it takes longer than usual, eventually booting me out with the error message leading me here. I’ve never had an issue like this before, and I’ve been playing on and off since its initial steam & iOS release.

Update : This is really odd. I tried the round again and again, replicating the same moves with my Furkin, gravedigger, attractor, & werewolf. The combination of moves themselves was pretty smart and I had finished the round with an edge over the other guy. However I decided ti try the round again, with less moves & now it’s finally decided to work. Is there any known issues with certain moves being game killers or perhaps having I could have used too many moves in one round causing my round to crash after submission?

Hi @Undercooked !

We are so sorry this happening to you. This seems to be a bug.

Our team is currently aware that there are some players who get stuck in the Async game when one player has used the “Werewolf” Phobie.

They are investigating this issue now but in the mean time kindly surrender the game.