A nice tip for new players

Watching other player’s battle logs don’t just mean learning strategies for me-it can also help expand your phobie knowledge.
The album shows the phobies you both own and have discovered. For phobies that you “discovered”, you don’t have to actually have to own them to view their stats.
To discover phobies, you have to see them in combat. But i found out that if you see them in other player’s battle logs, it actually counts as discovering them. So you can view a bunch of strong player’s battle logs early in the game to know more about phobies.
Also, you can’t “discover” stress level phobies even if you see other players use them.

In this picture, all the slightly faded phobies are ones you discovered, but do not own. You can still view their stats.


I’ve used this too and I’ve nearly discovered every phobie.