Improving Asynchronous Battle

As a player who constantly grinds and plays the game, I can definitely say that it is very hard to keep track of your opponent’s placed and defeated cards on every async battle. I think it would be beneficial for players and give them more elbow room to strategize their turns if my proposed feature is added. What I have in mind is whenever we click on the keyhole of our opponent, it will show their dead phobies. Maybe even show the number of cards the enemy has?

What are your thoughts about this guys? Do you agree or disagree? If so, why?


+1 to this. You can strategize as well on what Phobies your opponents have in order to adjust what you place in the battlefield.


I agree with this one. It would a convenient way to create counter plays since you get to know what Phobies have been played and eliminated from your opponent’s hand.


I get your point but I’ll have to disagree with this. It’s true that further strategies and counter plays can be created by implementing the feature however I feel that it defeats the purpose of a strategy card game where all things must come unexpected. Like in card games, you don’t know what your enemy’s card/s are nor what their next moves will be, thus the same must apply here. Whatever phobies they have, it’s up to you to adjust to how you plan to take the upper hand advantage and win the game.

To add, for one to make counter play strategies at the beginning of the game just by looking at their phobies list ruins the intensity of the game. If you know that your phobies overpower theirs, you can just easily claim victory for yourself without the element of surprise and mystery, which to add is what Phobies also follow as a theme.

This might be a good feature to implement if they implement a feature in the near future where you are able to pick only a handful of Phobies that you want to deploy in the battlefield throughout the game although I do not know how that will fit in with the key system.


Not bad because you don’t already know what Phobie they’ll be using in the next round, so knowing their Phobies is not bad or too much at all. So I agree to this suggestion. But the disadvantage is it may affect the battle for some reason just like what Jimp said here.

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I’d love to be able to see what phobies the opponent has already spawned and which phobies I’ve already killed. It’s way too tedious to watch the replay to remember.

I wouldn’t want to see all the phobies in their roster. There needs to be some surprise and discovery to what phobies exist in the game and what the opponent might use.


I’d like to emphasize that my suggestion was merely on the list of the opponent’s defeated phobies to help you refresh your memory since you are taking multiple matches at the same time. The anonymity of your opponent’s deck is what brings challenges into the game. The quick thinking and strategy-making aspect really do make the game more interesting.

As for the card counter, it simply shows the number of remaining cards the opponent still has.

Furthermore, I think the listing of the opponent’s phobies will help you strategize better during a battle in the arena where time is restricted. Sometimes a battle can last up to 30+ rounds and you wouldn’t be able to remember all those defeated phobies.

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I’m sure you will all be happy to know this is a feature on our list and may come at launch or just after. You will be able to see the units that have died already but not ones they have not spawned yet by selecting the opponent’s keyhole.




Ah, my bad. I get what you’re proposing now. I definitely agree with this since Replay exists so there’s no point on not adding them, but like Boss mentioned, it’s good to hear that this is being added.

Not quite sure how adding the number of cards benefits you in the game though as it could be anything, and there’s a limited amount of keys so not all of them can be spawned.

Glad to hear this Boss!

I think it’s a great idea and it should absolutely be added to the game.

Dear developers, what is really need - to make the sound signal with lighting up lamp in main menu. Because it’s impossible endlessly staring at this lamp and waiting for the new turn of opponents. I could just watching the features of main menu (“Fears”,“More”,“Quests”,“League” or other deeds at all) while waiting for the specific sound signal for example. And not to wasting my time by reason of I didn’t know that turns of opponents are already done (while i’m in other options of the game).

What about showing cards (or destroyed units) of opponents I think is absolutely no need because our opponents have the right not to show their cards and not to ease our prevailing (victory) over them.

Now it seems that gameplay is perfect. For the present.