About the BUG REPORT Category

Welcome to Bug Reports!

This is a place where you can report any issues you run into while playing Phobies. If the issue is technical and is preventing you from playing the game then please visit the Tech Support section. While not every post will receive a direct response, please rest assured in knowing that your post will be read, logged, and related issues will be investigated.

Before posting, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with a few rules:

1. Forum Rules

Be kind and respectful.
Please continue to observe our Forum Guidelines across all forum categories.

2. Reporting Bugs

If you encounter any in-game issues, please feel free to create a new topic with a description of the issue. Make sure that the topic’s subject line is descriptive of the bug you are reporting.

Please provide as much detail as possible as it will help us reproduce the bug on our end. Here are some examples of things to include in your report:

  • Name of the relevant cards in question and on the battlefield.
  • Screenshots (very important)
  • Videos and replays (very important)
  • Platform and OS version (PC, Mac, Android Phone/Tablet, iOS)

If you have feedback regarding the support you have received on these Forums, you can email our Community team at: community@smokingguninc.com

Thank you for helping us improve Phobies!