Anyone have advice to counter lvl 1 Snowball?

Snowball caps point instantly, then has the ability to attack literally any square on the entire map. Other than just suck it up and take the damage, any tips on what to do against that?

In general, your immediate goal vs a turn 1 snowball would be to not let it take a second panic point for free, which means you need to threaten unclaimed points with enough damage to kill the dog. Ideally you do this while also getting a 1-key out so that it may recapture the first point.

On this map in particular you could f.e. put murder wing to the upper left of your heart and a 1-key phobie 2 tiles to the left of your spawn point. If your opponent takes the panic point to the upper left, you can follow up with 1-key attack + murder wing + artillery. If they go to the lower right, it’s murder wing on the attack boost tile + artillery.


What Nihgo said is what you should do in most cases. Worth mentioning that you can sometimes threaten them by summoning a 1-key alongside your own Snowball to hit the enemy immediately - on some maps this will force the enemy Snowball to retreat far enough back that you will be able to contest that panic point that they took turn 1 (or at least capture another).

The real problem comes when you face high level Snowballs which you cannot really threaten if your damage is too low - Then it becomes really damn hard to deal with.

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Ya I was stupid enough to climb ranks without grinding or spending money so it’ll be a couple more months before I get snowball myself.

Greater ranks means more rewards (which will get you a higher stress level) so climbing is the best thing you can do :stuck_out_tongue: , it does feel terrible to face Snowball if you don’t have the option to summon it yourself though.
I only just recently got it and it makes your openers so much better (plus it allows you to do damage in the turn it’s summoned so finishing off opponents units becomes easier if they walk into you) - Honestly it might be a bit too good.

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