Bug having one and same person in arena

Its a bug that i having one and same person. That person having same level as mine and then it having snowball! (Stress level 40 and mine is 19). Is that possible that person having almost all phobies with <7lv! Is it possible to make that person not appear in arena withsame level and give real level?

If that player has the same stress level as you, being 19, its not possible to get snowball by any other means. Could you tell me the oponent’s name so I can check it to be sure?

That players name Joshua (jar cannon avatar) i do not understand why is that situation

Oh…that explains it.
Sorry you experienced that, but joshua is a bot. Its supposed to mimic your stress level and ranked points (if you look at the log it will show the same points in both players)

So that’s not a real player… I’ll tell the devs tho, I believe its not supposed to use snowball unless you’re level 40

Hope that’s more clear now :slight_smile:


Can i do something that bot wouldn’t appeared in arena, because it makes for me no sense to play arena :frowning:

Sadly bots play both modes, so if you prefer async you’ll stumble across a few of those