Arena matchmaking system

A better arena matchmaking system should come into the game. My account, I entered the game in 11 level arena mode, 31 level opponents came up against me and there is an extreme difference between us. Before that, I faced a level 18 opponent. This is starting to happen a lot I think game matchmaking needs to improve.

You’re matched against players who are around the same rank as you and not matched based on stress level - This is almost certainly intentional. (otherwise an experienced player could make a low level account and just repeatably beat up newer players and reach the top of the ladder that way which would be quite toxic, it would also be quite bad for the high stress level players since they would only ever match against 4-5 opponents or may not even be able to find someone to play with).
I’ve had my fair share of being down 30+ stress levels, it sucks - but you just have to play your best and accept that you probably won’t win every match. :slight_smile:

@ManInYellow I don’t know you but I would rather loose to a more experienced player with the same level of phobies as me than loose to any overleveled player. The second scenario is much more “toxic.”
Plus, who’s gonna make a new account when literally no account has unlocked every phobie adn resources are hard as ever to get…

I think that you should be matched with people with a similar level inside your same league if possible.

Each time i play against this player i cant play any monsters or attack or surrender because or i am bugged or hacked onto not allowed to select my monsters or attack. I think hes hacking became this has been an instance more than once! How can i block hackers like this person?