Arena Unknown Error Crash

5 Minutes into an Arena game, right after I sent a text message while playing, a pop up appeared on screen : “an unknown error has occurred” and the match closed after I clicked on the pop up.
Error had no code or reference to it. As of writing this message I have not resumed playing the game so that would be my last game played so far.

I did not get a chance to screenshot, apologies.

Hello Moezinger, we would probably need to get your game log to see what happened there. Can you please email this concern to so we could send you the instructions how to do it via email and you can reply back with your game logs.

Right, I sent the email and will wait for further instructions. Thank you NekoRei!

Hey Moezinger. Just reaching back out to see if you’re still experiencing trouble.

Reading into your email right now and will respond to it shortly!

I’ve sent the logs over email along with the relevant info, I hope that’s alright. Thank you for being so prompt about this. :slight_smile:

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It’s no trouble at all! Just received the email from you! Thank you for that. :smiley:

I’ll have this information sent over to our team so they can see what may be happening.

[ edit ] - Do you recall which opponent you experienced the error with?

I’ve been lucky enough to only come across it once, although I’ve started playing only recently.
But I’ve seen a fair amount of posts describing the same issue here on the forum. Am I supposed to say yes? :sweat_smile:

Perfect, I’m glad to hear!
If it does happen again, definitely do let us know like you had mentioned. :slight_smile:

I’ll go and forward this to our team.

Do you recall which user you experienced the issue with?

I can tell you on which map it happened and which Phobie I pulled out of the keyhole right before but not who I was playing against. Apologies for that, I don’t remember.

That’s no trouble at all! Any info is appreciated. I’ll move forward with what we have but if they have questions, I’ll reach back out to you here as well as our email. :smiley:

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Sure thing, great job @chu, thank you for your help, and if I catch it again now I will know what to do straight away. :grin:

On the previous question, I had just pulled out Jar Cannon, as the fourth creature, so the game probably lasted no more than 4 turns, the map we were on was the one with the bathroom furniture, I don’t if the maps have names :sweat_smile:. The play was not registered in my game history either. But this should all be reflected in th game logs, right?

*Biff’s Room

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No worries at all and it’s my pleasure!

Awesome, thank you! That’s great info to add as well. :slight_smile:
Regarding the logs, they do possess an abundant amount of information that should help them with the investigation, absolutely.

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