Arena random crash

So, i was doing arena gameplay, and after a long game, i was mocking my opponen tat the last by doing the move to crash their heart and then undoing it, then i just waited til gong. At the end of time, i did the move, but idk, game sent unespected error, reload, so I did and now whole game has been canceled. Not caring about trophies or something to be fair, i just wanted to report this bug, was pretty funny tho and a bit carmic, but still was a 40 mins game lmao

Hey there!

Do you recall what kind of error it may have been? A desync error?

Could you also provide us with the following information:

What is your in-game phobies name?:
What device/system are you playing the game on?:
What operating system/version are you using?:
Do you recall your opponents name for that match?:

Was it just this one single time that you experienced the issue? Did it happen before or after the update?

The error was unknown, on the game literally appeared a message that was “an unknown error has appeared” and game crashed
My name is ELMATO, i was playing on pc, on the latest version. I do not remeber my opponent’s name, and it wasn’t on the log of my recent match as well, kinda strange lmao
I can still try to redo this in another ranked, hoping not to force some bans or smthing, idk

If it is reproduceable definitely let us know for sure.
I’d try once more and see it it occurs again. That way our team can investigate it. Very strange!

Let us know if it happens again.
What I’d also do is collect your logs from this thread here and send them to

I’ll sacrifice some ranked time, i am pretty curious as well now tbh, and i’ll send photo on that link, thanks for the listen, i’d use this excuse to say that i’m fking addicted to this game, is loveable

It’s a great game, haha! We’re happy to hear that you’re enjoying it. Definitely share your findings if you can. Even a clip if you are able to record it. You can send those to the email posted above too.

I’ll be closing this thread as it’s been some time but if you continue to experience trouble, please create a new thread! Cheers.