Arena match vs player terminated right before I won

I was in an arena match just about to win when I received an error notification just as I finished his last phobie, didn’t receive any rewards, points toward rankings, and isn’t showing up in the battle logs. Note:It was a real player I was facing, not a bot

Hey there! Do you recall what kind of error you received when the match terminated?

I do not recall, I believe it just said I was disconnected as soon as I defeated his last phobie.

Let us know if it happens again for sure. That way we can add that to our report that it is a reoccurring issue.

For this instance, so we can report it to our team:

What is your Phobies In-Game Name?
What device/system are you playing Phobies on?
What OS/Version are you using?
Do you recall the opponents name(s)?
Please describe the situation that occurred up until the error appeared:

In game name: Somada
Device: IPhone
OS version: 15.4.1
I don’t recall the opponents name, the battle went just fine in terms of connectivity/no errors, though just as his last phobie was defeated I received a notification that I had been disconnected. I was playing an arena match against a real player, I’m sure of that.

No worries!

Could you reach out to our email with the information provided as well as logs by following this guide here: