As a new player, what Phobies character became your favourite?

Ight, since Phobies have gone public worldwide- new players have arrived (including me). So, as newcomers proceed through every piece of content that Phobies can provide, let’s share a opinions on this question: As a new player, what Phobies character became your favourite?
If you still have no idea on who to choose, I’d suggest to play the game a little more (explore locked characters) or try to stick up with the most powerful and your most used Phobie.
For me, personally, there are two very cool Phobies that I use all the time: Jar Cannon and Ray Chargels.
Make sure to share your own favourites down in the replies!


Sheeping Gas! I love that guy.


For starters, I liked Grave Digger and Murder Wing because of their stats, and good combo potential. Though there will be more pbobies to discover and unlock👀

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Honestly, stabby is the way to go :laughing: Though, my avatar is surely my fav. (yet to be found)

Sheeping gas :dash: fart fart

Mangles that jack in the box guy i forgot his name lol

don’t have a specific one but it’s probably murder wing, razor mouth, or jar cannon

I really liked all the Moose variation or the Moose family specially the Jackalope King

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Stabby, Jar Cannon and Eternal Knight.

In my case the top Phobie i like best is Hydra, great damage and health pool, and only 4 keys, even though it is quite slow.

Special mention to Klepto, this guy has won me many matches.

Based on looks and design and not taking into account stats and abilities, the ones i like most so far are Cerberus, Barzilla and Smother Mother, even though there’s many phobies i still havent discovered.

El míos es el cerbero es un muy buen tanque


Grimes. If you farm the weak 1/2 keys early on he steamrolls late game.

Bad sushi :slight_smile:
I love the render and the animations.


Motherload. I’ve been using it for a while, and it’s an absolute death machine! And its ability, “Make It Rain” is nothing but carnage. And also Hi-Five which I got recently, nothing can stop him.

Murder wing because at first it seemed very cute so I started playing it and I obviously loved it at the beginning of the game but later it was MR Tramples since it’s so much fun to attack and retreat so you can control the map and make the enemy think like position yourself

cerberos! I like big units

Eratic was a favourite but I’ve grown to love Rambolina!

Bo Jingles has actually been super useful to me, and has won me a few games!

Do you mean BoMangles?

Yeah, i did, my bad ^^;