Batula MVP?

Can you guess how this is possible? (although I don’t think it’s too difficult…)

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He can secure Panic Point. He can give sucker punch. He can do final blow.

I think that is not Batula. Is that Batman? :slight_smile:

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he was here the whole fight

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Im not even slightly surprised since i saw a game where the MVPs were muffintop and cupcake… like HOOOOOOOW

71 moves…??? I’ve seen others have MVP cupcakes, but I don’t really understand how this happens, except that I healed at the most important moment

It doesnt matter WHEN you heal, because if the game lasted THIS long than the muffins can only be MVPs is if they DIDNT sacrifice themselves, the only way i CAN think of is EVERYTHING ON THE BOARD DIED except the muffins and then just ran around catching panic points to wittle down the heart…
Or it was a friendly match and they did this on purpose for funnies


Mvp is calculated through damage done and damage taken, so they couldve just not attacked with anything except hitting the cupcake or muffin then healing it.

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it isnt a friendly match. if it was, the icon wouldn’t be a trophy, but a smile face with 3 Xs