Dreadful reward

well i have played 300+ hours on average via multiple id’s considering an average match to be abt 20 min long , the first horrific pack I opened contained Jill as my guranteed rare and after collecting 2k beans for month , i am getting electric cat, batula and sockassasin ,as my second ur including all id’s so yeah it’s disappointing enough , i haven’t collected my reward yet, can you guys plz plz do something

idon’t want this pack. :sob:
( ign 'Nihiem")


Hey there! Thank you for creating a post.
In regards to what you have received, there is nothing our team is able to do that could change or determine the outcome of the packs!

When opening packs, the cards you receive will hold their value. ( Be it upgrade cards, a new phobie, or a phobie of any rarity. ) I understand that this may not be the most desirable outcome you’d have hoped for but there isn’t much our team is able to do and I apologize for that. :frowning:

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i understand , atleast I tried , i will be quitting soon .


Sockassasin and Batula actually aren’t bad - But yea it’s not nearly as cool as getting something big like Boss or Blast-0 Matic as your ur.

i am an f2p ,so it took me almost a month to collect 2k beans , also i am unlocking these at lvl 34 , and i don’t think my sockassasin could solo beauty or mildred or any other ur
also sockassasin lack a bit in health and poison damage , so it’s difficult to poison a valuable unit ,unless opponent an absolute potato . batula is a sacrificial lacks damage ,and is doomed if opp pulls out a trap unit.

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i would say henrietta is a better start , since it can’t get one shot by murder wing .

Batula is a great 1 key pull unit. I dont think its meant to be used for the damage, but rather the ability to pull. I’ve killed 3-4 key units countless times because people for too close to me by killing Batula.

Sockassin is fine, you can poison high key dimentionals with it, they’ll take 500 hp hit a turn. so in 3 turns you are looking at 1500. (rough estimate, not looking at game right now). For 1 key its a lot of damage. His health means nothing, just like the bombs, you have to play in a tactical way that they will get hit if they get too close to you, etc.

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Well I played on soaf 2 for a long time , usually players have more than one healing unit or map offers healing points, so a heavy cost dimensional dying/half dead
via sockassasin is. Rare sight , you can only restrict their movement for some turns , also an opp on higher league league fell into an obvious batula trap doesn’t happen much , a batula on board doesn’t affect much unless it’s capturing panic points .

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this teach me not to put my hope high for my 1st dreadful pack later

Not sure, I’ve been in top 10 a few times since launch of this game, generally always in top 50 (at 37 right now). These units have been very useful for me. The obvious batula trap does happen in higher leagues.

Keep in mind… they are 1 key. You really shouldn’t expect something with such a low key cost to benefit you the same as a high key cost unit, that’s silly.

yea i think that was the point of whole convo , that the cards i unlocked ain’t much special that heavy machinery

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