New player, here's some feedback on my experience

Hey there,

I’ve just started playing the game about 4 days ago, and so far i’m having a great time. I’ve even dropped some cash to support you guys and get myself a few new Phobies to play with, and i’m considering on leaving a positive review on google play.

That being said, i have a few issues with the game i wanna give feedback on:

1- The daily cap on tears. This is imho quite the preposterous design, because you guys are forcing me to stop playing. I wanna keep playing and grinding more tears to open more packs, and yet i cant bc there’s a cap.

2- It takes about 1 day to put together 1000 tears so that you can open a pack (the cheapest one, Uneasy pack). However, i’ve opened 4 of those Unneasy packs already, and so far only the first one had a new Phobie. The other 3 had no new Phobies in them, which is quite frustrating. Consider buffing the odds of a new Phobie here, or at least put a pity timer, because 3 days grinding and no new Phobies (remember, i’m a new player) is just discouraging. I would even go as far as saying that every Uneasy pack should reward a new phobie, considering there are like 110+ phobies to collect, and probably more will be added.

The collecting aspect of the game is essential, and i get that the game is as much as playing vs opponents as it is collecting the Phobies, but you will add more Phobies with time im sure, and so the pace at which Phobies can be collected should speed up, definitely.

3- Coffee just comes in way too slow. The game is quite grindy when it comes to coffee, which means putting together enough coffee for just the cheapest of packs takes way too long. There are enough features that take too long already (weekly or season rewards) so there must be an incentive for coming back and grinding a bit more. If the grind is too big, then this game is just “another” gacha/cashcow game, which i hope it isnt, honestly.

If i write all this is because i care for the game, and i’ve been tirelessly looking for an engaging game i can play besides Brawl Stars, the only other mobile game i play. 99% of what you see in google play is the same trash with a different dress, yet this game feels, and plays quite differently. Dont make the same mistakes as others, you made a game that stands out, so keep it that way, please.


It says in the description of the Uneasy Pack: Small chance for a new phobie. And if there was a new phobie in every pack, there would be no point of buying Frightening and Scary Packs.
But you’re right about the coffee thing.

I’ve bought like 4 Scary Packs in a row, and no luck in finding a new Phobie.
I feel unlucky.

It happens to me too, I’m just saying that the Uneasy Pack has the lowest chance.

It would make more sense for when you select a pack of cards to show what Phobies may appear perhaps in a small window, also why not implement a trade in phobie system to give you better chances when using tears, on the other hand I am 100% on board with coffee making it mandatory for the game to give you a new phobie. I just lost another 300 coffee on the terrifying pack to get duplicates, that’s terrible.

2 terrifying packs later still can’t get a new phobie

Not getting into the holiday spirit yet :broken_heart: more let downs:

A pity timer would be a great idea, but a new Phobie should be relatively rare; honestly the XP and cards you get make a big difference through packs.

I do agree that daily caps and earning coffee it is way too slow

Can you guys please make a 2v2 game mode on big maps this will greatly increase the popularity of this game just like clash Royale