Better name filtering

You have at least one player with the name natehiggers (in this case natehiggers4). If it isn’t painfully obvious why this isn’t appropriate, then please swap the first two letters of Nate and higgers. Obviously this isn’t programmed into the name filter. Might be worth doing. Maybe you don’t care, just wanted to point it out, because it’s an easy way to get a toxic community. And before anyone chirps, haven’t lost to them yet, mop the floor with their yeye ass everytime.


People are always gonna find ways around automatic name censors like these, its probably best to just ban them


Every community has toxicity in it, wheter it be just a single drop or a whole ocean of it, this community just has a sliver of it, and thats a thing why i like this game
If you compare this to a community like brawl stars for example, bs (BRAWL NOT BULLSHI-) has pins, spinning on your grave, way better skins,profile icons, ranks, and just so many ways to show their higherarchy and with it comes big egos and toxicity, but here in phobies, its just a simple win-lose, theres no way to show emotes, or pins, or emojis to show anything, sure, there can be an overleveled player, but at that point you can only assume what their feeling, and because of the simplicity everyone is just agreeable